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About Doviana

Doviana is a new-generation jewelry brand launched in New York City. We make affordable everyday fine jewelry for good vibes and redefine personal jewelry decisions.


Our goal is to make timeless, top quality, and affordable luxury jewelry that you can wear them every day. We always seek to make simple yet stunning pieces for your daily accessory outfits. Simplicity achieves marvelous and Doviana achieves eternally.

Power of Confidence 

Founded by Leann Lee, a courageous girl with beauty pageant experience, who has a vision to bring simple but significant jewelry to everyone, no matter who you are. It is always the simple that produces the marvelous. We think everyone deserves a little sparkle and we hope that sparkle can be timeless. 

Fearless   |   Brilliant   |   Shining  


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We have new drops every week, yet we care about our planet, therefore we only do small-bath design and production so nothing gets to waste. We believe our stunning pieces are the building blocks of your daily essential accessory wardrobe. Whether it's minimal design or statement design, our design will make you happy and you can enjoy luxury without excess. 


All the material we used is recycled and sustainable. Being sustainable means we do our part to make sure the next generation and future generation lives in a world that thrives. We are always looking for better authentic process to improve. We aim to protect our Mother Earth while we enjoy living in this world.


All of Doviana’s jewelry is ethical. We care our workers and also grow up with our workers. Together, we can create better company and serve the better you.

About Doviana
About Doviana
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